Hi Ros, Isn't life wonderful? 3 days into my "new" life and I am so excited! The LP seminar was the BEST thing I've ever done in my life in terms of improving the quality of my life and I will forever be indebted to you. I am currently doing "BUZZING" and enjoying the thrill of finding everything new and exciting. I acknowledge the need for balance but all in good time!

I am already making HUGE progress and have a contentment within me that I am experiencing for the first time. I am approaching domestic chores with the excitement of using my imagination to take me to other places and the jobs seem to get done in double quick time!

I went into work today to visit for the first time since March and had a brilliant time. Everyone was very welcoming and I "did" feel great about myself.

I am using the LP several times a day for various things and it really is working. I very much like Phil's CD as an extra back up and I love his comforting voice.

I am an expert at spotting my use of negative language and am amazed at just how excellent I am at it! I would love to fail in this particular pattern of behaviour and need to work out some strategies to help me. I am finding it easy to use positive language if writing something (i.e.this email) as I have time/opportunity to change it. I find this a different situation in speech so it is something I am looking forward to practising and mastering.

Keith and I are busy sorting out a venue for our Silver Wedding celebration next May and I am enjoying playing with lots of ideas-it is great fun. I think it is going to be like a mini wedding- how exciting is that?!

I am learning how to "play" in lots of ways and it's such good fun!

Viv A

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