My life has opened up amazingly since I was trained by Roslyn in the Lightning Process two weeks ago. I am doing so many incredible things I wouldn’t have dreamed were possible prior to the course, with no "ME payback!" I am feeling well, and enjoying freedoms I haven’t had for years; walking, driving, socialising, babysitting and even swimming in the sea in my underwear, overcome by a compulsive sense of fun and spontaneity (and deciding not to let my lack of apparel hold me back!) Roslyn was a patient, committed tutor who encouraged and supported me all the way, yet was firm and gently persistent when required. I learned a great deal from her and now feel I have the potential to lead a much better quality of life than ever before. I have a strong conviction that I am at the start of what will be an amazing journey - thanks to Roslyn for her training and to Phil Parker for coming up with the Lightning Process which has given me the tools to take back control of my life again.


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