I have been doing incredibly busy recently and I have been enjoying every minute of it. The highlight has to be last Friday when I did a full day at school and then went out with my friends for a meal and then we went to the cinema. I am now in school 90% of my lesson time and it has been really really nice. I handed in my first piece of History coursework the other day and I am currently working on my second piece of History coursework and my last piece of English coursework. I have been up to Sheffield this weekend to see Strictly Come Dancing live, and I stayed the night with my Grandparents and we had a lovely meal together. I have been able to enjoy spending time with my two young nieces and I have been chasing around after them for the past couple of weekends. I have had people tell me that I have my sparkle back and that I am saying things that are a complete change, as if my whole outlook has changed. I am being a lot more confident. The hands have been taken off the rubber duck which is so much fun. I listen to the Cd and I am keeping a diary, that is a continuation of the sheet you gave us to record our progress. Thank you so much for everything you taught me it is truly invaluable. I found a postcard the day after I did the course that said "stressed is desserts spelled backwards". Everytime I am doing stressed I remember that postcard. I hope you are well.

Olivia Biggins (15)

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