I experienced the Lightning Process with Roslyn some 3 months ago now. My problems all stemmed from the onset of M.E. some 7 years past. You have to be brave to decide to go for the training programme –you have to want to get better so bad that you’ll really put your heart and soul into everything that Roslyn guides you through. Well I did. It was really tough, but boy the lady turned my life around! – I am no more the sad, sick, lonely, housebound hermit, no more growing sicker and sadder with the struggles and pain of each passing day, but thanks to Roslyn and the Lightning Process, I am at last out and about, bright, confident and doing marvellously well. This is the happiest and healthiest I have ever been since the onset of my M.E. Roslyn YOU are the Genius!!! And it is you that I thank with all my heart for getting me where I am today. May God bless you lovely lady.


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