Hello Roslyn. I want to thank you for the lightning process seminar! I feel that I have got my life back after the seminar. My energy has come back and for the last three or four weeks I have been doing things that I haven't done for years. I'm now able to play with my children, go for long walks, go cross skiing, help my children with their homework, go to work, go to the movies and so on. I can conclude with: I live a normal life! and of course; A life that I love :) My husband has also been a great support, and I think he has learnt a lot to. Torbjørn asked me to send you the best wishes, he is very pleased about his and ours life. My children are very pleased too. My daughter at 8 wasn't away from me for two weeks after we got home from England. I think she just enjoys the family life and she is still telling me where things are and how it works (I think she have the impression that I have not experienced life outside the home).

Mette Eid Lovas, Norway

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