To Roslyn, Sorry that I have not replied sooner but I have been doing good and busy for such a lot of the time which is fantastic. The last week of school was really good, I stayed full time and enjoyed it so much because I was part of a group doing the special activities that happen at the end of term which I hadn’t previously been able to participate in. Christmas was wonderful. I was full of vitality and energy and was able to play with my young cousin without doing tired afterwards. The holidays have been really good so far, I have mainly had quiet time as i feel like relaxing and spending time with my family. I have also made steps to revising latin- before i did overwhelmed at the thought of all the work, but i have broken it down into katy like chunks and am feeling confident with my progress and competence in the subject. The thing which I’m really excited about is getting fit! I’ve been doing exercise mostly every day and I am planning to go to lots of dance classes, and doing sport at school. I had a cold when I saw you last, got rid of it, and have caught another one off my lovely brother, but I am doing calm about it because I know that it is just a cold. I have been doing my singing and enjoying it immensely as I feel I have real power behind my voice now and makes me feel confident. I have also been doing violin practice and doing calm about it in preparation for grade 7. I am also not so outcome orientated in wanting to pass the exam- as I know I have done the work for it which makes me of grade 7 standard, and that taking the exam is just the last step of the process. Tonight i am going to stay over to my friends house to celebrate new year and I am excited about it because I’m going to have lots of fun- and its just the start of the new things I am going to do with my energy which makes me excited as well. I found the process extremely useful in how I prepared for my French oral exam, I coached myself into how I wanted to feel while I was in the exam, calm and confident, and that was exactly how i felt. Being calm allowed me to excel at my French presentation, and overall I scored an A!! I am also going to be using the coach process in preparation for county orchestra next week- my desk partner has left and I do not know anybody else (yet), so I am going to do confidence and charisma when I go next week. I am generally just more positive, happy, looking forward to my exciting future and- I’m not doing M.E anymore and I am definitely not going to go back into that pit!!! Thankyou so much for your help, I feel so full of energy and i am very grateful to you.

Katy Flint

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