Training workshops

Transform your business potential with Cambridge Positive wholeness.

Do you want to

  • Become more successful in any area of your life that you choose
  • Improve business and personal relationships
  • Become more persuasive and influential
  • Manage stress and be free to choose your emotions, thoughts and behaviours
  • Boost your confidence and that of others
  • Change unwanted habits
  • Create your own desired future
  • Release your full potential
  • Be adaptable and learn easily  

I am available to offer support to businesses, enabling employees to recover rapidly from any stress related issues which may be responsible for absence from the workplace; how to improve on performance through coaching, building better relationship rapport, and dealing with change.

Quality health at work, excellence in relationships.

People are the most important asset of a business; and that effective and relatively satisfied functioning can make the difference between success and failure.

RESEARCH: 190 million days lost in 2010 due to sickness absence at cost of £17 billion (Source CBI) and 2008 Black Review of health of the working age population reported that the cost to the economy of working age ill-health in the UK is estimated at around £100 billion each year.

According to Mindful Employer (R) Stress, depression and anxiety are estimated to cause more lost working days than any other illness. The overall cost of mental ill health to employers in the UK through lost production and staff turnover is estimated at £30 billion per year. 

The NICE guidelines say, "Mental wellbeing is a dynamic state in which the individual is able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others and contribute to their community. It is enhanced when an individual is able to fulfil their personal and social goals and achieve a sense of purpose in society. "

Mental wellbeing at work is determined by the interaction by the interaction between the working environment, the nature of the work and the individual.

I faciliate training workshops on:

  • Empowering individuals
  • How to motivate people
  • Assertiveness skills training
  • Unlocking potential
  • How to reduce stress in the workplace
  • Time managment workshop
  • Relationship coaching in business
  • Social intelligence in Business
  • Emotional intelligence in Business
  • The essentials of work/life balance
  • How to raise low morale in the workplace
  • How to facilitate working in groups
  • Presentation skills 
  • Conflict resolution skills training
  • Personal effectiveness skills training
  • Positive influencing skills training
  • Essential interpersonal skills in the workplace
  • Effective team working
  • Happiness workshop
  • Confidence building workshop
  • Building team spirit
  • Positive communication workshop
  • Positive stress management
  • Health and wellbeing in the workplace

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