We will all have experienced anxiety at some stage in our lives. Anxiety, which can result in a feeling of unease and produce physical symptoms such as tremor and a rapid heart beat can sometimes be a useful and appropriate response to stress. Anxiety can however become intrusive and limiting and can be linked to other conditions such as;

Phobia – a fear of single or multiple factors which is disproportionate to any real danger associated with the subject of the phobia. Common examples are fear of spiders, flying, heights, enclosed spaces etc.

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – where obsessive thinking and compulsive thoughts or actions drive behaviours in an attempt to reduce anxiety which usually derives from other underlying unresolved issues.

Generalised Anxiety is where constant, non specific fear can take hold and become a disturbing, intrusive and limiting experience.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often associated with anxiety following an acute episode such as a road accident or injury. However, the underlying causes can be more obscure and relate to circumstances in early life.

Anxiety can be treated in various ways, and is a common presentation to GPs. It can be associated with other disorders such as depression, substance or alcohol use and can manifest itself with many physical or psychological symptoms.

How can your anxiety be helped?

I am committed to the success of clients in overcoming anxiety, limiting beliefs and behaviours which are intrusive and prevent people from achieving their true possibilities.

I will consider the most appropriate combination of training and/or therapy to take individual clients to a place of growth and transformation, where goals become achieveable and their potential can be realised.

Techniques include:
Lightning Process - 3 day training programme

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