“The years experience that Roslyn brings from her work in Nursing and Midwifery make her an extremely competent, professional and effective practitioner” – Phil Parker (designer of the Lightning Process)

“Life is great again and I am leading the life I want to.” – Andy Neave

“Roslyn and the Lightning Process has given me back my Daddy” – By Scott Neave (aged 8).

“The lightning process is very powerful and moving and changes your life. It made me a lot more confident and happier and I am able to do a lot more things than I could before and it has given me my life back. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Lisa Warrington (aged 15)

"(Wanting to establish sense of purpose) I have been working hard on remembering all I learned during the days of LP. I feel very certain about my writing and creativity, I know I can do it and that this shall have a big part in my life. I also feel very certain about finding the right way for me to earn a living when coming back to Norway. Thank you so much for what you helped me to understand. Yours, Hanne." - Hanne Hognestad, Norway

Ellie's story

I have been going to school full time and doing all the subjects I wanted to do and going out with my friends.

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Ann's story

Dear Ros. It is now a week since we first saw you and I can hardly remember the person I was then. I was so excited and busy for the first few days that it was not quite real.

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Vicki's story

This is me 'having a life to love' in Spain on holiday earlier this year. I am so thankful for your help and brilliant teaching, I can't imagine not having the lightning process in my life...it's like a friend on board!

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Alice's Story

When I went on my Lightning Process course with Roslyn I could only walk for about ten minutes in a day or work for a couple of hours with lots of rests every few minutes. I am now able to do whatever I like with my day, and feel totally liberated.

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Sue's story

My life has opened up amazingly since I was trained by Roslyn in the Lightning Process two weeks ago. I am doing so many incredible things I wouldn’t have dreamed were possible prior to the course, with no "ME payback!"

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Helen's story

My life as I’d previously known it had been on hold for over 4 years, due to M.E. Being guided through the Lightning Process by Ros felt as though someone was removing a really heavy blanket that had been dragging me down.

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Sarah's story

I did the Lightning Process and found it straight forward, practical style refreshing and empowering. As a teacher Roslyn managed to balance being both challenging and supportive, while at all times reinforcing the fundamental message of the Lightning process course.

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Miranda's story

I experienced the Lightning Process with Roslyn some 3 months ago now. My problems all stemmed from the onset of M.E. some 7 years past.

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Mette's story

Hello Roslyn. I want to thank you for the lightning prosess seminar! I feel that I have got my life back after the seminar.

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Olivia's story

I have been doing incredibly busy recently and I have been enjoying every minute of it. The highlight has to be last Friday when I did a full day at school and then went out with my friends for a meal and then we went to the cinema.

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Katy's story

To Roslyn, Sorry that I have not replied sooner but I have been good busy for such a lot of the time which is fantastic. The last week of school was really good, i stayed full time and enjoyed it so much because i was part of a group doing the special activities that happen at the end of term which I hadn’t previously been able to participate in.

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Natalie's story

Hi Roslyn, Just thought I would let you know how I have been getting on since the Lightning Process. I have been doing really well. I am going to school now, doing English, Maths and Media.

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Viv's story

Hi Ros, Isn't life wonderful? 3 days into my "new" life and I am so excited! The LP seminar was the BEST thing I've ever done in my life in terms of improving the quality of my life and I will forever be indebted to you.

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About Roslyn

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