Relationship and Parenting Coaching

 Do you feel burned out in your relationship or out of balance in your love life?

Is there complacency or a downward drift in intimacy and communication? 

Are there stresses that are impacting your marriage?

Does your marriage need enhancement?

I am offering a six week course on Thursdays commencing   between 7-9pm. 

The course will cover important areas in a safe, confidential setting on:

Identifying relationship issues

Relating skills, such as listening, showing understanding

Developing trust

Effective communication

How to improve on caring skills

How to deal with conflict and resolving it and managing anger

With some teaching within the group to provide some important relating skills and learning to help your relationship work for you. No disclosures will be required. There will be some exercises to do with your partner to develop your own couple growth and learning. The course is designed to strengthen your understanding of your relationship, learn the love languages, and to deepen the respect and intimacy and meaning of your relationship, to restore calmness and contentment and revitalise your communication.

There is a limitation on 6 couples. 




For more information and advice please contact Cambridge Positive Wholeness.