Personal Growth & development Programme-exploring your path to positive wholeness

This programme will provide a transformational personal and development growth programe to address confidence and self-esteem issues, and enlightment of the self.

It is a voyage of self-discovery.

The Personal growth and development course is a six week programme and offers structural worksheets and a tailor made programme to support spiritual growth. 

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The personal growth and development programme. 

This programme uses a combination of neuro-lingustic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching and will cover the thought-feeling link, and offer a coaching journey from problems, issues and patterns and enabling the possibility of exploring your true authentic self enable you to take charge of your own life.

This includes understanding how to take control of your memories, and the power of your beliefs, and understanding your values that are your unconscious motivators and de-motivators. 

There will be an opportunity to daydream your future reality, through powerful visualisations.

It will be discovering your time-line to create a happier you, releasing negative emotions and limiting decisions, finding forgiveness. 

It will also use the mindfulness approach to being present in the moment, and letting your thoughts pass by, discerning when not to listen to yourself. 


The course will help you to identify the nature of depression and anxiety, how to catch yourself in the act, and dealing with it in the here and now and solving problems. 

Developing self-acceptance, identifying issues of self-esteem.

Exploring how the past can influence the present, and understanding the impact of core beliefs.

Exploring accessing your creativity.

Practising awareness, redefining success and focusing on outcomes and knowing what you really want.

Managing fears and anxieties. 

Physical, Mental and Emotional wellbeing, and choosing health goals, looking after your body.

Developing mental resilience, and emotional wellbeing. 



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Life auditing.


Limiting beliefs.

core values


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is it?

A - On day one we introduce the idea that people are amazing in their ability to excel. There is a theoretical content and also a practical set of steps and manoeuvres to adopt and use physically and mentally. On day 2 we recognise some of the successes that have been achieved. Learning some more advanced elements of the training. On day 3 the statistics suggest that 85% of clients have massive changes and they finally have a sense that they are in charge.

Q - Will I be able to choose whether I reveal things about myself that I usually don’t?

A - Yes.

Q - Is it safe?

A - Yes. Trances occur naturally in our daily lives, e.g. when watching t.v and we become absorbed. It’s like a day dream.

Q - Will I find myself doing things that I’d never normally do?

A - No. Personal and social integrity will be retained throughout.