Other Services

NLP coaching

Life coaching will show you how to unearth what you passionately care about, reach breakthrough goals and implement change. It will provide you with tools to tap into your own resources and have a life to love. In addition to specific process and training programmes, I am available for counselling, coaching and can provide workshops and seminars for business and personal development.

Specialism is in life changes and transitions, and supporting through this careful process in choices and direction as well as supporting the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual process of change. 

My extensive experience in the NHS, working as a Relate counsellor for 8 years, combined with complimentary training in techniques which vary from Infant Massage to the use of NLP in Business Development enables me to offer a wide variety of seminars and workshops. With the diverse blends of coaching and therapy you can be helped to achieve these major transformations in your journey. 


I can provide seminars which include:

  • How to make your business work
  • The Language of Success
  • Successful parenting through excellence in communication
  • Empowering individuals



Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to induce a trance-like state, which can be used to explore and treat a range of psychological and medical problems, including addiction, pain, Anxiety and emotional problems. It is the use of hypnosis to aid personal development, problem resolution and self-healing.

For more information please see www.britishinstituteofhypnotherapy.org

For more details please contact me at Cambridge Positive Wholeness.